Windshield Installation


To begin you will need to go over your checklist, which is included below.

C1 Windshield replacement
Check list for large items
Items listed on page 1-3 of the
1953-1962 Corvette Servicing Guide

Rubber channel----------2-A
Filler strip----------------2-B
Header molding---------2-C
Upper frame channel----2-C
Lower reveal molding---2-E
Lower frame--------------2-E

Not in picture #2
- - Side frames(posts)

Not listed or shown in ST12
- - Rubber seal for lower frame to body 2-D


The 1953-1962 Corvette Servicing Guide has the step by step installation procedure. The other things you need to know:

Before you set aside time for this project, be aware that some parts need to be glued and will need time to dry. Make sure all of the old sealer is removed from the channels and moldings. It is my opinion that this is the cause for some problems with fit and possibly the cause of the glass breaking. Get the old sealer out from up and under the lower inside molding. When these parts are installed the rubber needs room to fit where it belongs.
Before you can assemble the moldings you will need to glue or in some manner bond the anchor plates into position. The trick here is to use a glue or bonding material that will hold them in place during assembly and until you install the screws thru the windshield posts, molding channel and into the anchor plates.
Once the screws are started, you will want the plates to move enough to get a good fit all the way around. I used string thru the holes of the plates and frames as a back up to my glue. I left the string long enough to go thru the holes in the windshield posts later.
The upper channel (PIC#3) will need to be separated for installation.
Multiple putty knives and or kitchen butter knives will be needed. You can use the knives to separate the channel from the molding and work from one end to the other or both ends to the middle until the channel pops out. Note that only one side of the molding is intended to be placed under the stainless molding lip.

    Tools you will need
  • Multiple butter knives or putty knives
  • Glue
  • Tape measure
  • Carpenters square
  • Philips screw driver
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil

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